Westwood Farm

Farm Skills Program


Westwood Farm is located on Kambah Pool Road, 15 minutes from the centre of Canberra. The farm consists of 200 hectares bounded by nature reserves and national parks. Having a farm property within easy access of local schools and community organisations gives Lions Youth Haven a unique opportunity to provide farm and rural learning experiences within a city locality.

The rural setting gives students a sense of connection to the land and nature, where they can take time away from the stress of life and be in an place where they are supported and encouraged.

The objectives of the program:

  • Provide an outdoor environment where young here young people can learn basic skills which equip them to better fill their places in society as self-sufficient and productive individuals.

  • Provide experiences for young people where they can gain confidence and self-respect


Our 8 Week Program


LYH partners with local schools to offer a program focused on helping participating students re-engage with the education system.

The aim of the program is to foster improved results in attendance, learning, mental health and social interactions, as well as teaching practical skills and providing a fun and encouraging experience for the students.

The program is tailored to suit the students interests and skill levels. The students are taught life skills such as nutrition, cooking and keeping a clean and hygienic environment. They also learn a wide range of farm skills including animal care, plant propagation, growing vegetables, construction, maintenance, use of basic tools, gardening, horticulture and nature-based crafts such as whittling, woodwork and weaving.

As well as learning hands on skills the program allows the students to experience a different kind of learning environment, outside of a classroom. It requires that they work as a team, take responsibility for rostered tasks, and learn social skills as they work together with the other students and Lions Youth Haven staff.

In addition, it gives the students the opportunity to have space outside of the school environment to reassess and reengage. The rural setting gives the students a place of retreat where they can relax and take time away from the stress of life.

The program is led by a qualified educator. Each program can accommodate up to 10 students. A bus is available to transport students to and from school. Morning tea and lunch are provided, with the students involved in meal preparation.


This program has been heavily subsidised by the Lions Clubs of Canberra.

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