Lions Youth Haven

Lions Youth Haven Inc is a not-for-profit organisation owned and supported by the Lions Clubs in the Canberra and Queanbeyan region (District 201N2).

Lions Youth Haven was the vision of our founder Sel Westwood who convinced the ACT Government in 1988 that Lions could turn an abandoned farm on the Kambah Pool Road into a haven for youth at risk in our community.

Westwood Farm as it is known today, provides a refuge or haven for the at-risk youth in our communities through contracted service providers in education, job preparedness, accommodation and horticulture. This Lions Clubs Project is known as Lions Youth Haven Incorporated.

Lions Youth Haven also runs a commercial horse agistment operation in stables and private and shared paddocks.

Westwood Farm is a registered Red Angus cattle stud, we use the cattle in our youth programs.

Our objectives are to provide facilities and services which:

  • allow young people in situations of crisis to find a refuge and support;
  • provide support for disengaged young people where they can gain confidence and self respect;
  • provide these young people with training in basic skills which equip them better to fill their places in society as self-sufficient and productive individuals; and
  • give these young people a place in the outdoors to learn about and develop their own dignity in an outdoor environment.


Lions Youth Haven is currently conducting a program with  The Lord Mayor’s Charitable Fund (Eldon and Anne Foote Trust Donor Advised program 2015)

We are very interested in hearing from other educational and community welfare agencies who are concerned for the future wellbeing of our youth. We can be contacted through our e-mail address or leave a phone message and we will return your call.