Terms & Conditions

All school and group bookings are to be made with the Lions Youth Haven LYH) Administration Manager responsible for Lodge arrangements.

Bookings will be secured on receipt of an initial non-refundable booking fee of $500.00.
This payment will be offset against the final payment.

Bookings or changes will be confirmed by email.
Payment of this fee assumes you accept the conditions outlined in the Agreement to
Booking Terms and Conditions.

General Information and Conditions of Occupancy

Each group must have a leader in charge to liaise with the Lodge staff.
The group’s supervision, safety and first aid are the ultimate responsibility of the group leader with some support from our staff if required.
It is the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that the group understands and follows the rules and procedures expected of guests at the Lodge.

Private Communication

Some guests, particularly younger children, may experience some anxiety on being separated from home.
For those guests without mobile phone or other facilities, any telephone calls for/from children for/from parents should ideally be made direct through the group leader on our telephone line.

Email facilities may also be available by arrangement if required.


The Emergency Services telephone call number for the ACT is 000 land line).
Our Address is 244 Kambah Pool Road, Kambah, 2902.

We must be informed of any call to emergency services (Police, Fire or Ambulance)
during your stay as we maintain an emergency incident register.

Emergency Evacuation Procedures

Emergency evacuation procedures are posted within the Lodge building and on the back of every accommodation room and bathroom door.
All group members should familiarise themselves with these procedures, and the location of the nearest Emergency Exit.

First Aid

First aid is the responsibility of the Group Leader. Groups should bring their own first aid kit and any ensure that any medication required by guests is available.

Our Lodge staff members are trained in first aid.

We do have first aid kits on the premises for our staff use and can provide access to these as backup if required.

The Group leader must bring a student list of names and emergency contact details, together with any medical action plans for students with allergies, food sensitivities or other medical issues if appropriate.

Fire Alarm Activation

No guest should interfere with or remove any fire-fighting or safety equipment.
Fire equipment is checked on a quarterly basis by professional contract fire control personnel.
Fire extinguishers, fire hoses and smoke detectors are vital and are located in the lodges.
All accommodation rooms are fitted with highly sensitive smoke/airborne particle detectors.

 Should a student or guest be responsible for activating the fire alarm, resulting in a false-alarm call-out, a call-out fee charged by the fire brigade will be applied for each occasion they attend.
Any cost relating to replacement of smoke detectors deliberately activated will be charged to the group concerned.
If either situation occurs Groups will have charges directed to the attention of the School Principal or organisation head with a tax invoice for payment.


All LYH buildings and contents are fully insured and we have a $20 million public liability cover.

Out of Bounds

To ensure the safety of our guests and the privacy of our staff, the following areas arerestricted to staff or group supervisor access only:

  • Office/ Staff section of the Lodge
  • Kitchen, and all associated cool rooms/pantries, etc
  • Housekeeping, Cleaners and Storage rooms
  • Other buildings on the Farm occupied or used by tenant organisations are out of bounds as are the
    farm paddocks for horses and livestock.

Removal of furniture and furnishings

Furniture, equipment, mattresses and bedding, etc shall not be removed from individual rooms or common areas without the approval of the Lodge staff. Lost or damaged items will be charged to the group’s final account.

Care of the Farm Environment

Our farm environment of is one of the attractions for our guests. Please respect the environment and animals/wildlife around you please by:

  • placing all rubbish in the appropriate recycle or rubbish bins;
  • not feeding or try to approach any of the Farm dogs or native wildlife around the Lodge;
  • not damaging trees, shrubs and flowers on the property.

Damage and/or Loss of Property

Groups are responsible for any damage caused to the allocated rooms, furnishings, utensils and equipment by any act, omission, default or neglect of the group or their guests or sub-contractors and will pay to LYH the amount required to make good or remedy any such damage.

This amount will be included in the group’s final account.

LYH accepts no responsibility for loss or damage to personal property accommodated at the Lodge.
It is recommended that valuables are not brought to the Lodge, although an arrangement may be made with the Lodge Manager to deposit items such as passports, etc for international students or visitors in a fireproof safe.

Smoke Free environment

All buildings and public areas on the site are designated smoke free zones, and smokers are respectfully requested to do so well away from guests, access doors or open windows, and to dispose of butts with consideration to the environment.

Drugs/Alcohol and Flammables

Under no circumstances are any non-prescribed drugs, alcohol, fireworks, explosives or other flammable liquids/products to be brought onto the property. Any guest exhibiting behaviour suggesting the influence of drugs or excessive alcohol consumption,
will be immediately asked to vacate the premises, and may be subject to immediate cancellation of any ongoing or further bookings or reservations.

Occupancy Termination

LYH reserves the right to terminate the occupancy of any group without notice for breach of the Lodge Booking Terms and Conditions stated above.

The Lodge Manager/Staff are empowered to take any action as may be deemed necessary for the proper conduct of the facility and wellbeing of all those who choose to stay with us.